Chain Hat

I really need to stop making these, and actually do some school work. Here is the bottom of my next hat for a friend. I didn't know if the orange would work well with the other colors, but I think it turned out well. I really need to get pics of these guys wearing their hats. Same pattern as my last hat, but the chain is from this website.


Kerry's picture

I like the design and the colours very much.

Crafty Andy's picture

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog One you get the hang of the color stranding you can do it for relaxation . You have done a great job with this hat. I have to agree the color combination is fantastic.

MikeFTrevino's picture

I understand about putting down the needles and picking up the text books. I'm having the same hard time. From what I understand your, and my, brain is at fault. It wants these diversions, it knows what it likes and pushes you in that direction. I had to strangle my brain the other day for distracting me and not letting me focus on school work. It's currently grounded. No PS2 for him till the end of the semester, Knitting however always stay on the allowable list.