My Rhinebeck Purchases

Here's what I brought home from the New York State Sheep & Wool Festival today.

I didn't buy much, really. I didn't have the money to. And even if I did, after walking around all day, things started to look the same from one vendor to the next. I ended up making my purchases based mostly on feel.

The first was that sport weight brown alpaca. The color is called chocolate and the stuff feels as smooth and sweet as one would expect chocolate to. I picked up one hank of that (about 660 yards) along with a lovely leaf lace shawl pattern to make with it. Before I left I had to go back and get another one to make something for myself with.

I found myself drawn to the lace weight mohair all day but was just so indecisive about color. A lot of it felt rather coarse to me though, until a woman put this white stuff in my hands and it just stuck there and I swear the stuff just wouldn't let me put it down! It's about 1000 yards and was a great buy and it spoke to me immediately about who it wanted to be a gift for. I couldn't resist.

The sock yarn from Dorchester Farms has now become a regular buy for me at Rhinebeck. Jim's friend Ken who runs the booth is a great guy, and the hand spun and hand painted yarn is just fantastic. I had a hard time deciding on colors. Check them out at

The wine is from a New York winery. It's a cranberry wine and as soon as I tasted it, I knew a bottle just HAD to come home with me. We have some REALLY good wineries in New York and many of them have tables in the specialty food and wine building. I did a fair bit of tasting there today. I probably would have spent more money there if I'd had it.

I had a fantastic time hanging out with Jim (Knipper) all day. We saw Joe (QueerJoe), Mel and his partner Dave at their booth, and many other people we knew along the way. I have to agree with Jim that the social aspect of going to Rhinebeck every year is just great, and the fact that there's so much yummy fiber to see and feel (and buy) all day is what brings us all together.

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What great buys. I'm sure you had a great time. By the way, I tried the web site but the address didn't work.

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That's odd. I know it used to. The web address is still printed on the yarn label!!!

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What am I most jealous of? Probably the wine...everything else runs a close second.

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

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Thanks for sharing. The yarn looks and sounds like it'll be a pleasure to use. Look forward to seeing the final results.

Sounds like a fun day with some great purchases.

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Nice purchases. I'm headed to SAFF next weekend. It's a bit closer to home. I'll be headed to Asheville, NC on Friday afternoon.

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Sounds like a wonderful time at the New York State Sheep & Wool Festival. I'm off to a craft show at the end of the month here in Wales. The only disappointment is going to be the lack of Yarn stands. In the last few years there have only been about four stands, so the women in my local Stitch and Bitch group have told me. It will be my first craft show so I'm still looking forward it.
Your purchases from the New York State Sheep & Wool Festival look great. I really must start knitting with something other than acrylic as soon as I get past the learning stage of dropping stitches, unintentional increases and having to constantly un pick and re knit the pattern I'm supposed to me making rather than the pattern I am really stitching in error. LOL.

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Lose the acrylic and get your hands into the wool- it's magic!

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It's crazy...Friends of mine went to Scotland and I asked them to bring me back some local yarns....They went into 3 stores and NONE of them had local yarn! (In Portland, OR, my LYS carries about 6 brands of local Oregon or Washington yarns... One would think in Wales (talk Welsh to me, the accent drives me mad!) would be swarming with the good stuff...

You might hit and see how much shipping is. The cost of the yarn is VERY reasonable, and the Pound/Euro is still very strong against the dollar, yes? Acrylic is good for some things: afghans or baby stuff that will be machine washed over and over, and Christmas stockings, which would become moth candy if left in an attic or closet for most of the year... Other than that~ evil evil stuff.

Just an aside: I used to be able to sing a version of the 23rd psalm in Old Welsh. Lots of spitting but ever so much fun.

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I got to see his yarn purchase in person was nice running into you...eventually I'll post pictures of my purchases...this year was a sparse shopping year for me at Rhinebeck, but it was a lot of fun.

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Yeah right, that bad of fleece look REALLY sparse!!! I'm sure there was a ton you'd packed away that I didn't see!

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I check the Mohair website and is up, check your spelling. I liked the yarn a lot, looks like a great quality buy. The Mohair is lovely, the sock yarn is very nice. This year purchases are not going to be like the year before, but I guess we spend more wisely as well! Personally I am destashing !

The website wasn't up for me either, Andy and I checked the spelling.

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And it was, as usual, good to see you there. Maybe one day we'll have other people to do more of the work so we can spend more of our time socializing.

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Cranberry wine? From Montezuma Vineyards? I'll be passing that twice a day every weekend starting in November - I';; have to stop and pick up a few bottles.

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