Cabled Bag WIP

I changed this pattern to include some crochet, the bootom of the bag is crochet and I am using all my Hand dyed wool in orange shades. SO to answer some questions , I am using two strands of yarn at the same time, one of the strands is Sari SIl Yarn and the Other one is Wool worsted weight, so itis almost like having a chunky yarn, that is why I am using US 10 Circulars. Sari Silk yarn is pretty , but until know I have not found anything to make with it that looks nice.

Firts yarn is from Ebay, probably Kool_aid dyed, The second yarn is recycled sari silk yarn. It is going to be a very lovely Tote bag. It is a bag that is made on the flat, but I decided to make it on the round and added some extra stitches . It is a very tight knit as I am knitting it through the back loop.I am hoping to have I-cords straps. Thanks for stopping by!


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I really like the colours, Andy. It is going to be a crowd stopper.

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Wow! I love those colors. Did you dye it?

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I did not color the yarn, I got it from ebay. I am sure it was Kool Aid colored, but it works well with the Sari Silk yarn!

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Beautiful and appropriate for the fall season- it looks like the foliage up here.

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The colors are just beautiful! A real standout.



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very much "Autumn" - and I like the texture of the cables. Looking foreard to the FO!


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