I'm going to cry ...

I started a lace shawl project... its complicated... a 30 line pattern, with beading. I got half way through one repeat of the pattern, appear to have increased the number of stitches somehow and decided to take a few rows off.

I unknitted them... and OMG... I dropped a few stitches (or I think I did). Tried to sort that out, failed, took off another row to get me back down to a run of purls... that appears to have gone wrong.

I left it for a few days... so that I could calm down about it... and now I'm not 100% sure which row I'm on! Its so full of yo and sk2p etc., I can't tell whats a dropped stitch, an increase etc.

It takes me so long... will I really have to frog it and start again??


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I feel your pain... it's probably not much consolation, but I've done things like this, and it just makes my blood boil. When I'm knitting lace, I now use 1 (or more) safety lines, which does reduce some of the risk - but I've still spent a fair amount of time re-doing some of my work. You mentioned that it's a 30-row repeat. I'm assuming the repeat ends with all all-purl or all-knit row...is it possible to identify this and thread through a safety line?

I think MMario has a lot of experience knitting shawls...maybe he can offer some advice as to how to proceed without re-doing everything.


It's may be no consolation; but, I always draw on several things: 1) I love to knit 2)It's almost always better the second time around. And, sometimes, I just keep "the love" in the design, unless it's really obvious immediately or a few rows later. I just think of it as an opportunity to knit without having to buy more yarn. This really works if it's a yarn I love, and a pattern I'm enjoying. Right now I'm on a 12Row X 21(X2) + 12 lace pattern that's extremely trying, as I'm new to lace. Anyway, I'm afraid all I can do is share your pain, and my love of knitting and hope it helps. (I'm far enough along now, I'm putting in life lines).


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I can related... I just did the same thing on Row 87 of a lace shawl project. It made me sad and more than a little disappointed with myself for not using a lifeline. Oh well! I love knitting the pattern and just get to do 87 more rows than I had anticipated!

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I keep trying to think what I can say that will be encouraging and positive and helpful.


Hope you enjoy the second time through, may you complete the process with no errors!


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Along with the others....I feel your pain. I went through that, then started using life lines, but as I may have posted about here, my darling cat thought just because i left my knitting out one night, she would help daddy with the knitting. So I think you know where that went. Speaking of, I am only about a 1/3 of the way through that shawl, I have had a lot going on over the past few weeks. But I can assure you that the knitting is ALWAYS put away ANYTIME I walk away from it.
I do have to agree with Chip about drawing from the experience, the second time around was much easier, now I have the repeats burned into my memory and only need to glance at the chart from time to time

Take care