I gotta share this with you guys!! - with link to new Ravelry group Horst Schulz Fans

While browsing projects on Ravelry, I came across the most amazing afghan pattern and perfect execution. Isn't it WONDERFUL!!!

Now I'm on the hunt for the pattern. It is by Horst Schulz and called An African Adventure. Here's DollieWollie's pic on Flickr Maart 2008 031

DollieWollie lists the pattern source as Threads and Crafts # 27. It is an old issue of a South African crafts magazine. If anybody has access to the pattern or knows where I can obtain it, please let me know.

Update 8: I see you guys are still checking this entry, so here's an update. We already have 325 members in the Ravelry group. My copy of the South African crafts magazine arrived today, just as promised. It looks unused and has a short article about Horst Schulz and some background about the the original quilt. After all of this excitement, I've only begun to put together colors...

Update 7: Here is a link to the Ravelry group where notes on the design are posted:

Horst Schulz Fans

Update 6: Thanks to the hard work of some dedicated knitter-detectives, notes and pics (some provided by the designer himself, Horst Schulz) will hopefully soon be posted but I'm not sure about the best place to do this. I'm thinking about starting a Ravelry group for us to share questions/answers, experiences, etc. about the pattern. The accumulated notes and pictures could be posted to the group pages, available to all Ravelers. Please let me know if you would be interested in such a group - I need three people before I can even start a group. Go to this link and post your thoughts: http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/metagroups/396906/1-25

Update 5: This gets more and more interesting. I've received an email from Horst's partner. Horst has sent information and pics about the pattern to another knitter on Ravelry and she has his permission to post it on Ravelry. She emailed me to tell me that she's in the process of preparing the pattern for posting so it will be available to all on Ravelry very soon. When it appears there, I'll add a link to it.

Update 4: I'm getting ready to head to the post office to send my letter to Horst Schulz. Just checking my emails before I leave and guess what. A fellow knitter in South Africa has located a back issue of the magazine with the pattern at a thrift shop. She bought it for me and is willing to ship it to me! I love knitters... Now will I be the one inundated with requests for the pattern? What have I done? :-)

Update 3: Gee, this has been very interesting. dolliewollie on Ravelry kindly replied to me, asking what I would do if people were begging me for a copyrighted pattern. She's really stressed out over all of this. I told her to graciously thank her fans for their praise and refer all requests to the magazine. She has spoken with the publisher and they only had rights to the pattern for several months after the issue came out. The magazine's apparent solution to all requests for the pattern and the back issue is to simply ignore them.
I also suggested that dolliewollie attempt to contact the designer and owner of the pattern, Horst Schulz and encourage him to make the pattern available on Ravelry. Then I realized that I could do that myself. A British woman sent me his address in Berlin and I just finished printing a letter that I'll post tomorrow. Stay tuned...

Update 2: I contacted knittingbasket.com and received a very nice email from Bill York, one of the owner's. He gave me the background of this "quilt". Here's the first paragraph of his email -

"Yes, The Horst Schulz inspired "African" quilt is beautiful. Actually,
the quilt got its name because Horst was demonstrating the "double shell"
technique at a workshop he was conducting in Africa. Actually, the components
of the quilt were knit by those attending the workshop. Horst took the
components home to Berlin and knit them together and added the border. I do
not believe that the "original" African quilt is the one in the picture you
sent. I have no idea if there is a pattern."

I like knitters!!! If I don't find the pattern published in the South African mag, I will definately buy the doubleshell pattern from knittingbasket and attempt to duplicate that smart border.

Update 1: Have been directed to this site where a very similar pattern for sale is used to make a garment - http://www.knittingbasket.com/patterns/Patchwork_Doubleshells/patchwork_doubleshells.html. It appears to use a slightly different method to join the pieces and no border, but might be a good start...


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And me too- That is gorgeous!

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I love the colors in that, the makeup...everything...even though it is a bit "loud" it is done in such a way as to not be gaudy and I love it... keep us posted on the pattern hunt!

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I know someone was embroiled in a whole "ethics and copyright" discussion over this design.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Yes, there is quite a lively discussion ocurring on a Ravelry forum.

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Makes me dizzy just looking at it, I can't imagine actually knitting it. Perhaps you could email them and see if a pattern is available. Their web address is www.threadsandcrafts.com



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Thanks. I've emailed them so fingers crossed.

That is truly the definition of awesome.

I also agree with crmartin---how in the hell do you knit that incredible thing? Worth pursuing the pattern, though. One of those projects you need to hope you live to 90-something to ever finish.

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As soon as I saw the photo my eyes popped out and my chin hit the floor. Halloween mask all sorted out LOL.
How does someone think up these designs let alone knit them. I kneel at the feet of who ever made that originally. WOW! Still looking for one eyeball, it must have rolled under the computer desk :o)

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Amazing! Would love to see that pattern.

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Absolutely gorgeous!

I admire the maker.

I would be blind and babbling if I'd pieced together all of that.

What an artist. I like it a lot.


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From what I gather, no sewing involved. Pieces are knitted together, somehow. Can't wait to learn this trick.

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There's a quilt pattern very similar to that, I believe called "Buttons and Bows". I think there may even be an example of said quilt in the Kaffe Fassett book "Family Knits".

I appreciate the work that went into that, and the art of it, but it's a bit too busy for my tastes, but I think it'd look amazing on a wall of a museum. African Adventure Optical Art, anyone?

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The electronic knitting community prevails!


MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation