Anybody else going to SAFF?

Hey Guys,

Several of us from Atlanta are going to SAFF this weekend. Anybody else going? It's short notice, but any chance we could do a MWK photo?

See ya there!


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I'll be there on Saturday. Would love to meet up with you guys and take a MWK photo. I have to leave back to Durham, NC on Saturday evening though. So....


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I'll be there - heading up Friday morning, and depending on how the weather gets, we may stay all weekend (it's forecasted to be raining - so it may be a short trip). Hope to see you there!

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I'll be there Friday & Saturday...
I only live about 10 minutes away from the venue!! Woo Hoo!!

Be in touch - Rob

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I'll be there Sat. & Sun. Doing a spinning class on Sat. and weaving on Sun. How do we all get toegther ?

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Hey, I live in Atlanta, but Google is giving me no info on SAFF.

What is it? When and where??

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HI JOhn,
It is the Southeast Animal & Fiber Fair in Asheville this wekend. If SAFF doesn't work try searching the name and if that doesn't work try searching Asheville Agricultural Center. That is where it is being held and they should have something on it. Jack

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Here's the website for SAFF

NOTE: apparently the site was taken, as my workplace filters alerted "PORNOGRAPHY" When I tried that. :-)

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T Thanks for the info, guys, but grrrrrrrrr I've been looking for months for a fiber fest. in Atlanta.... thought this might've been it. Ya'll have fun this weekend in Asheville.

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Not to Worry!
Stitches South was recently announced! It will be in April at the Cumberland Galleria

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Now, that is some sweet info.

Thanks, I'll be keeping an eye out!

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