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hi guys i know i haven't written anything in a long time..... i have a question for u spinners..... i would like to know what detergent would be good to wash merino and alpaca with? i 'm about to get 1lb of alpaca, 2lbs of merino, 3oz of white cotton, 2 of green, and 2 of brown, and 4oz of merino roving. it's gonna cost me 92.50 do u guys think i'm crazy for getting it.... and i'm also gonna get a cotton kit from http://www.woolery.com/Pages/dropspinfr.html#tahkli...


Jerome, It is probably just me but that price seems kinda high. Maybe it is the alpaca that costs so much. I am sure someone else knows better.

I was basing my thoughts about it from this site (at least for wool):


I think getting the cotton would be great especially if the two colors are heirloom cottons (Erlenes Green would be one). I tried to grow it but the damn squirrels kept eating the bolls.

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Concerning RH Lindsay, I have bought from them many times and have been satisfied with their products and service.

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i have my cotton growing in my house in a pot

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It's not so much the detergent as the treatment. Both alpaca and merino are finer and therefore more likely to felt if not treated as "delicate". Use as little detergent as you can get away with and avoid too much movement or change in temperature.

I tend to use a cheap shampoo for alpaca, and also rinse all animal fibres with some vinegar in the final water.

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Dawn dishwashing liquid is apparently one of the best degreasers. You really want to minimize the agitation. I've only washed merino, corriedale and jacobs wool. So, I'm not sure what alpaca would be like.