New Job, Moving and Knitting Restrictions :-(

Well, I've gotten a new job in a new state with a new company. I'll be working in the development office of Planned Parenthood Health Systems in Raleigh, NC. I move from Florida to NC in four short weeks. This is all very exciting.

However, until our house in Florida sells, this means I'm on knitting purchase (SEX) restrictions. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

However, I'll be bringing some yarn with me. So if anyone is in the Triangle area, let me know and maybe we can stitch and bitch!


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but but but - you've moved NORTH - wool and other fluffy fibers are necessary for health and insulation.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Welcome to the Triangle and Planned Parenthood in Raleigh is a great organization.

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Welcome to North Carolina!

There are several yarn shops in the Triangle. 2 in Durham, 1 in Raleigh, and 1 in Chapel Hill. (I heard a rumor that the shop in Cary was closing or moving, but haven't confirmed that.)