Does This Make My Butt Look Big

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Oh my Lord, my mom had an afghan made out of the same yarn!

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

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These old patterns are always a laugh.  Each year the Buffalo Knitting Guild holds our Annual Yarn Auction and all the old patterns that nobody wants anymore come out of hiding.  The belted sweaters are my most favorite of the hideous.  I know one of my purchases had a booklet of hideous boy's vest patterns in it.  I'll have to look for it and scan those so I can share the wealth with you.

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Let this serve as a warning to those of you who love your variegated yarns.

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OK, I just realized I am older than I thought! I dressed like that when I was younger. I wore sweater vests all the time.And that gold shirt, I owned several!

It was all so wrong. It was all acrylic.  

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What is that pose- is he getting ready to punch someone?

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OMG!! *snort*

Honest to goodness... I just woke up Jason and all three Shibas laughing and snorting at this picture. I might be tempted to make something like this! ROTFLMAO Okay... maybe not... LOL

talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz

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Whoever first decided to wear a belted sweater should be taken out at dawn and flogged...or shot.


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Ah, the 70s and 80s...such a great time for ugly clothes. You can almost see Charlie's Angels or someone from Matlock or Falcon Crest wearing this. It would have gone great with my skin-tight Jordache flaired pants. I can just see this guy at a disco.