Sweater, colors from plants.

Made it three years ago, but I have never used it.


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oh it's fantastic! *mumbles something about scandanavians stealing all the knitting talent from the rest of the world*

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Thank you! It will come more items.

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What a fantastic jumper. If I ever get half as good at knitting as you I will die a happy man.

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Thank you, I'm flatterd:-)

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Great colors and love the paper-doll design around the middle. Did you dye the wool/yarn?

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I love it.... When you say the colours are from plants, do you mean you dyed the yarn using plant material, or you took inspiration from say, a bed of marigolds and gallardia?

It's truly beautiful, you should wear it...Such things were not meant to be unloved.

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Thank you for commenting. Yes, all the colours are from plant material, and I did it myself. It's a summer activity for me. Plenty of work, but I like it.

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Wow- it's beautiful, like a midsummer sunset.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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Thanks! Yes, I think I had a sunset in mind whwn I made it. The sunsets in my homarea are wery beutiful and at midsummer the sun sets at eleven.

It should be a criminal offence to keep something this beautiful hidden in a dark place. Shame on you!

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Hmhm..it's to big for me...

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That's easy to fix...Sewing machine steek... I do it for clients all the time.

How big is it? Maybe it would fit me!!!

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That is really beautiful, I would wear that every chance I had. To bad it's to large for you, you could send it to me. ;-)



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Beautiful sweater. What plants did you use?