Mittens from Middle -Norway

To pairs off traditional mittens from my home area. the mittens to the left are called " sjøvotter" sea mittens or fishermans mittens. They are made of 2-play yarn whith almost no twine and thereafter stamped. Fishermen used to dip them in the sea water when using them. Ten thei became warmer.

The other pair is the traditional Selbu-vott. Selbu is an area in Middle -Norway nown for it's knitting tradition. it exist ober 300 patterns. In old tims also men nitted. They earned more money selling their nitting than work on their farms. This pair is made of homespun yarn in natural colours . Here we call these colours "sauehvitt" and "sauesawart", sheep white and sheep black.


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Both pairs of mittens are wonderful. I come from an area where mittens were needed in the winter and really appreciate their beauty and usefulness. I am trying to make a pair of patterned mittens now from Shetland wool I have in my stash. I am having trouble figuring out the gusset for the thumb and will have to look for a pattern. Did you make these? I would also like to comment on your sweater which is so happy and beautiful. I really admire it. I have a little book of Faroese patterns and the stick figures you have running around the middle is in it. Great knitting.

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Your stranding work is beautiful, some day I will try it and hope that it turns out half as well as yours.



Wow, the mittens and the sweater are OUTSTANDING. I am so impressed.

I am wanting to learn to dye using natural dyes as well someday.

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Very nice Mittens, your work is fantastic, thanks for sharin!

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I have always wanted a pair of these mittens *green with envy*
they're wonderful. I need to go to norway and learn to knit. *makes a note in her travel plans*

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

There is a book out there called: Selbuvotter: A Biography of a Knitting Tradition which gives many, many patterns for these mittens based on original mittens taken from museums. I purchased the book and am anxious to get started. You can find more information here: