Blouse in 8-play black silk-rayon with tiny cables

My friend asked me to copy a blouse that her friend had. I knit it from top down. It was a nightmare because of the color and tendency of the yarn to split. We both like the result, but I can't photograph it well.

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Wow, you must have the patience of Job, but the result is definitely worth it.

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Seconded on all points.

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WOW! Did you get the original to figure from or was this done from just "seeing" it? Looks beautiful.

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Thanks for the nice comment. She did borrow her friend's blouse. Once you look at the original for a minute, you can easily figure out how the blouse is constructed. Even though it's knit in the round, you can think of it flat, opened at the side seams and the underarm seams. It's like four capital "V" s arranged with their points in the center (being the neck opening). Or you can think of it as a Raglan with the increases rotated 45 degrees, so they're done in the middle of the front and back, and the top of the shoulder and sleeves. To make an exact copy, all one has to do is count the number of k2, p2, twst2, p2 ribs at the neckline for the front (for the length of the neck slit), arms and back. The big challenge was that my friend has broad shoulders and her friend has narrow shoulders and a swan-neck. I had to change the shoulder shaping (rate of increasing) relying on my memory, since my friend was abroad for the actual knitting and so intermittent fitting sessions weren't possible.

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ok now that my mind spins I think I need a nap! it's beautiful, I can't imagine knitting anything just from seeing something similiar.

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