Ugly Sweater

I don't care what anyone else says, I think this sweater is ugly. Add to that, it is my first sweater and I made it to the wrong gauge....and I really hate it. I was going to frog it and start over...but it has taken me most of the summer to make. Luckily a female friend of mine tried it on, and on her small frame it actually fits. This just means that I have to make my father something else for Christmas. Right now I am just waiting for my friend to come over and try it on before I finish the collar. Well...that, and I don't understand the directions from here, so off to the LYS I go.


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Next one will be better:-)

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I can only hope it will be, I am not happy with this one at all.

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I wouldn't say it's ugly, it's got character :p Now a few days ago I see a woman wearing a hot pink knitted sweater with lime green accents, it was badly hand knit from some horrible yarn that looked more like plastic than anything else, THAT was ugly.

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

It's a good thing you like to knit??? Recently a couple of friends reminded me, when it comes to selling my jewelry and crafts to never assume anything is not good enough. They confess that repeatedly they will sell things to someone who will rave over something they thought was junk. There's just no accounting for taste. I'd just remember how much I learned, like making guages, and how much I love to knit, and make something I really like. I learned my first lesson on guage with a baby booty, which I figured would be what it would be, no need for guage, and just made it. Instead of a baby booty, I made a really lousey toddler booty. hmmm... slippers anyone?


You're right it is kind of ugly. If it's too small for you,maybe it will fit me. Want a mailing address?


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I have two girls fighting over it already. Lol.

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Yep. Very ugly.

I like it.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog The sweater looks good from the picture. If you are slim the color combination you chose is great, but personally I would not wear that combination. I would make the top the light color and the Bottom part dark, giving the illusion of wider shoulders and slender torso. You should not be so hard on yourself, your first sweater Congratulations! It looks fantastic, I say keep on keeping on and with practice, patience and more pratice you will get more pleased with your work. People don't just make sweaters without going through the steps of learing why you don't like it, learning how to avoid the mistakes you made, if youmade any and giving yourself slack, it is just knitting. I say keep on knitting and your work will improve, Congratulations again!

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Better Next Time

You should see my first sweater. I did a raglan from the neck down. I followed the directions to do (make ones) scattered through the yoke instead of doing the regular raglan diagonal seams. They ended up first of all looking like holes because i couldn't do them easily and they also gathered all over the front of the sweater so it has a pregnant front but I still love the ugly sweater because it was my first. I went on to knit other sweater patterns from books and have found that most of them have some kind of flaw or something i didn't like. Someone gave me "Knitting the Old Way" and i began to understand how sweaters are made and now put my own patterns together and are a lot happier with the results. Keep up the good work. Sweaters are a lot of work but they are also something that become an heirloom item when you present them as a gift. A lot of love goes into a sweater.

I am in the "I like it" category too!