I finished a Koolhaas hat designed by Jared Flood. This was a fun easy knit, but the little cables made it interesting. The yarn is "WOol of the Andes" in cranberry from Knitpicks.


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Looks great. What size needles with the Wool of the Andes? I like Wool of the Andes, did you? How does it fit? Have been thinking about making this hat but haven't yet.

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I always love this hat, I really need to knit it sometime. Wool of the Andes is a great yarn. I love the way feels and the colors are nice. good job :)
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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Very nice! Beautiful color too!

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Beautiful, I'm going to make one of those soon.



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I'm gonna make, like, a bajillion of these for christmas!

The color of yours is great! Is it for you?

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The hat never intrigued me much til seeing what you did. I may have to make one. Great job.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog That color is very nice I have a Harry Potter Scarf with that color. The Pattern is beautiful, as soon as I saw the pattern I remember the ceiling at the British Museum. Great Job Buddy!

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Great hat. Need to add it to my list of future projects.

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Your hat looks great, love the colour.

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I used size 6 US needles. I love Wool of the Andes. I feel that the Picture I took didn't do justice to the actual color of the yarn. There is a better picture of it almost completed on my blog that was taken outside. My blog is : twistknit.blogspot.com