Leg Warmers & Magic Loop

I was organizing everything and stumbled upon some lace legwarmers that I'd started back when I first began to learn how to knit...before my discovery of knitting in the round (so they were being knit flat with a plan to seam them). I'd tossed them aside because of my inexperience and had promised my friend Allison (whom they were intended to go to) that I'd work on them when I became more experienced. So I picked them up again, frogged them, and started over, this time knitting in the round on DPNs.

Actually, I started the first one using the magic loop method, and I can safely say that I HATE it. I gave it the old college try and even knitted the whole bottom cuff and about an inch of the lace pattern before my brain willed the cable needle to undo itself and put all the stitches on DPNs. Additionally, this lace pattern was a complete BITCH on magic loop with the k2tog frequently overlapping between where you separate the halves of the project. It was maddening to say the least. So I said F You to the magic loop and went back to DPNs. There's something so satisfying and calming about having all those needles floating around. I don't know...

They're turning out really well, and I'm glad that I held off on knitting them because seaming a lace pattern? I'm sure it could be done and done well, but I think seamless is just more polished and appealing. Also, that keeps you from having to go, "Okay, where's that seam? There it is. Okay, now that's in the back..." if you do a sub-par job of seaming (which I probably would).

I'm only about 1/4 of the way through the first of the pair. I'd be farther, but work has been insane with more new hires coming onto the team, and there are only two of us who are trained to mentor. And after Thanksgiving, we have mandatory overtime, so that's even less time to knit.

In the meantime, Fable II has been a nice distraction when I'm not feeling up to knitting. :0)


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OMG....Fable II....drool. I can not even have my system plugged in if I want to get any work done. Not that I am really doing anything right now anyway, damn being sick.