Queen Anne Lace Shawl #3 Blocked

It's true, Mario. After completing it last fall, I finally blocked my Queen Anne's Lace Shawl #3. I have to say it's a variegated whirlwind (nightmare) as I had expected. But it was a definite learning curve -- Stay with solid colored yarn or variegated yarn that has long bands of color when doing lace work. The shawl is fairly large: 80" in diameter. I knit it using Knit Picks "Memories" (yarn which they no longer carry) on US #9 (5.5 mm) circulars. If nothing else, it'll make a cozy afghan once it gets off the blocking board. By the way, you can see the tape I used to piece together the four panels of my blocking board showing through the shawl. Maybe I should switch to clear tape.

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That is gorgeous! The colors are great.



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I think it came out beautiful Tom! I love the colors, and isn't it a shame the no longer carry memories? :/
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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Tom, that looks beautiful. I'm with you on solid colours for lace, the design shows up better. I'm currently knitting a Swallowtail Shawl in an almost solid Chocolate colour and wish that I'd used solid colour.

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Can't wait to see your Swallowtail. It's a beautiful pattern.

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see? 2 pluses and a more or less neutral.

What did I tell you?

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I would normally think solids would be better for lace, I must say I like this. You see the swirl of the pattern and the swirl of the colors. It is kind of hypnotic. I like it Tom!

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I agree that the colors work- it looks like a Tibetan mandala; too nice for a lap rug, hang it on a wall.

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I agree, this is beautiful. Frame it or something. I thought it was a mandala for a minute until I remembered that this was a knitting site.

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Thanks, guys. Tibetan mandalas are dear to my heart.

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Golly that is beautiful, Tom. I think the colours enhance the piece of art. Great knitting.

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This is another fabulous, envy-making piece of work Tom.