Uncharted Territory...

Today, I have begun the unexpected. Much like the Donner Party, I'm unsure of the path and winter might set in before I'm done. Yes, that's right, I'm knitting in two colors!! I'm not really sure if I'm doing this the right way, but I'm going to forge ahead. Basically I finish a color, cut it off the ball leaving a 6" tail, and start with the next color. Repeat as needed. I'll then take a crochet hook and weave the loose ends in. Any thoughts on knitting in two colors would be appreciated!



Depending on how your color pattern is arranged you might not need or want to cut the yarn between colors.  If you are just doing fairly wide stripes then go ahead and cut the yarn.  If you are doing fairly narrow stripes of even numbers of rows (2,4,6 rows per color) then don't bother cutting the yarn, just let it run up the side of the fabric -- you may want to wrap the working yarn around the dangling yarn at the end of every other row to keep it against the edge.

If you are doing blocks of color (i.e. argyle, squares ala Kaffe Fasset, pictures of something) then don't cut the yarn, just let it dangle in the back of the work while you work the rest of the row and pick it up again as you knit back.

If you're knitting a fair isle type pattern where the color changes every few stitches, then just carry both colors of yarn across the back of the fabric and knit the particular strand you need for each stitch.


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Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it! I will let you know how it turns out!

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Another note on fair isle work, I find it easiest to hold one color in each hand.  It took me a few rows to adjust to carrying yarn in my left hand, but it's not bad once you get going, especially if you are knitting in the round and don't have to worry about purl rows.  You can also buy a cute little gadget that slips over your indes finger, like a thimble and has grooves to run each color of yarn through so they don't get tangled.  I've got one, but (like many gadgets) I've never used it.  If anyone wants to give it a go, let me know and I'll bring it to the next knit night at Three Dollar Cafe.