Williamsburg Print And Autumn Stripes

Just wanted to post a couple of beanies I finished over the last few days. I couldn't figure out how to post two images so if one of them doesn't show up just go to my site (www.earthtodavid.com). I posted them there also. By the way I hope all you guys had a happy halloween. I spent the whole evening at home in front of the tv watching the Ghost Hunters Live showing on Sci-Fi. It was kinda boring but a little creepy and fun at the same time.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Hey David, this looksvery nice, what's the yarn?

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Williamsburg Print = Red Heart
Autumn Stripes = I Love This Yarn

Visit my website:  www.earthtodavid.com

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Beautiful hats, I love the color combinations. I would think they will be very popular.



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I love your new hat, the colors are very cheery and happy. Nice.

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Nothing wrong with staying home and watching the tube, especially when you've got a knitting project to go along with it! The hats look great!