Small Handspun Project

OK guys, here's the thing. I am working on the Ontario Handweaver's and Spinner's Guild certificate in spinning over the next 6 years. One of our assignments involves a small project knit with yarn we have made beginning with a raw fleece. I have a lovely soft morrit brown fleece and will use it. The problem is that the project can only use up to 200 metres of yarn. So, I am thinking 'hat'. I would like something in which I can use maybe 2 colours. The original 'camel' colour yarn, and then some more which I will make part of a dyeing project.

I am searching for patterns that are interesting, attractive, using no more than 2 colours up to 200 metres total yarn which I will spin. The other issues is that is has to be spun 'Woolen' that is soft, lofty, often with a 'halo' etc. So although I want a pattern to show the two colours it can't be too intricate or the details will get lost in the 'woolen style' yarn.

So, any suggesting for a pattern that fits those requirements? As I said, I am thinking hat, but am open to other things. Also, readily available online and free would be good too. lol.

Thanks guys.