Oslo Jumper

I just finished knitting this jumper yesterday. I semi-retired in May and I thought that I would have more time to knit but I find I have even less now than when I was working full-time! It took me 3 months to knit. It almost ended up in the dustbin when the first error in the pattern surfaced. But, I had put too much work into the garment to give it up.


1. The pattern is from Jamiesons Simply Shetland #2, called “Oslo”. I used the Jamieson knitting wools, 2-ply. The colourway has 16 colours. I used a 3.25 mm needles for the body and 3.0 mm needles for the basque and cuffs. It is knitted in the round with steeks and without seams.

2. The first error is that the pattern design cannot be centred. I didn’t discover this until I was at the armhole steeks. I had to muck around with the neck/collar. I didn’t want to use the regular neck/collar as it would show-off the fact that the design wasn’t on-centre. At first, I used a boat neck but I didn’t like that so I modified it and came up with something which didn’t highlight the problem.

3. I used the method of holding both strands in the left hand and “perfected” my technique. I had no puckering at all.

4. There are other errors in the pattern so if you’re thinking about using this pattern in the medium size, beware! I found at least 3 critical erros.

The photos are of the jumper dressed on the jumper board and an closer view of the pattern.

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Spectacular! I was studying the picture before I read your text and I did not notice that the pattern was off center. I doubt anyone but a knitter might notice. The neck treatment is intriguing- I like the way the pattern continues vs the usual ribbing which one would expect. Can you post a closeup of the neck? I'm glad to hear that you have resolved your puckering issue, I know it was driving you batty.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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I first did the boat collar and bound it off with a 3 stitch i-cord but I didn't like that. I decided to take it out and discovered that unraveling an i-cord made with Shetland wool is impossible. So, I picked up stitches below the i-cord and around the collar to make a round opening and then cut away the upper part, grateful all the while that steeking experience had steeled me against fear of cutting a knitted fabric. I liked this better and did a 2 stitch i-cord bind-off. Now, the garment has a round head opening and there isn't a rib band to highlight the off-centred pattern. The error (and not mine!) is not as noticable when the jumper is worn. I'll try to get a snap of that to post soon.

Someone wrote and asked why I didn't just alter were the armhole steeks go. It was because of that funny join that runs up the side of the garment; stranded knitters will know what I'm talking about: the place where one design row begins, and another ends. I couldn't place this into a part of the garment that would be more visible than under the arm.

As for the puckering, the issue wasn't really that I was getting puckering but rather all my angst that I might get it! Now, I can knit far more relaxed because I've found this different way of holding the strands makes it more difficult to pull too tightly.

PS: I was mad long before I started to knit!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I like holding the two strands on my left hand as well. The sweater looks fantastic and it may be off center, but it looks pretty good. Your craftmanship is great. The neck looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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Stunning work. Lovely finished project. I'm in awe of your color stranding. While I've done it before and know I can, color stranding is just too fussy for me. (I guess that's why I'm a lace knitter.) Congratulations!

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In a word WOW! Now got to wipe drool off the screen.


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Just amazing work

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

Another fabulous, dazzling piece Jesse. I am truly in awe of your colour work skills. I congratulate the master.

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That is really a piece of art. I understand not having enough time and being retired. It seems I just get busier all the time, but I love being retired. Now I am busy doing what I want.

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Great jumper Jesse. Know what you mean about time, I've been fully retired 3 years now and have found there is so much to do that is not knitting related.

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ABSOLUTELY beautiful. I've admired this pattern in the Jamieson book. Thank you for the heads up about the pattern problems. I guess I'll have to stick to Starmore patterns.
Thank you so much for sharing. Just takes my breath away.