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Lace hat. YAY!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Love the Tam, looks very classy!

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Love it. Where did you get the pattern ? I would love to make some. It is very stylish, nice work.

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It's an improvised pattern using the lace from ravelry's "Diagonal lace scarf".

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I like this, it's really stylish and with just the right amount of drape to it. Well done.

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A beautiful tam. Lovely design and drape. Great knitting.

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Looks really good. What rate of decrease did you use? And did you do a purled "turning row" that some patterns call for?


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I didn't do a turning purl row, and I totally winged this pattern. Next time I make this hat I'll take better notes.

"The only sin is mediocrity." --Martha Graham

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Very nice, your model is as beautiful as the beret.



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Okay Ben...whose unmade bed is that in the background?

The beret looks wonderful and I love your design...the hat model in your picture makes it look even better.

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good job! wish I could say I have finished something lately :( I'm still waiting for Mr. Size 15 to get me a few measurements so I can start his socks and hopefully have more than a couple pairs finished by his birthday in late January.

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