OT but I like it that way.

So I have been sick for about a week, and could not knit cause it was a sinus infection. I moved out of my apartment on Friday the 31st...and have yet to move into my next apartment because their office is not open on the weekend. This would have been fine as I am staying with a buddy of mine, and I could have moved in today....except they did not tell me until 3:30 that I was approved to move in....and they needed a cashiers check for the rent etc. Now...I do not live in Corvallis normally (just 9 months our of the year) and all my permenant/important stuff is at home with my parents...including my bank....that has only 5 branches. The branch that is nearest to me is about an hour away, which is fine normally as I never actually have to go into the bank....but for this I do....but the apartment people close at 4:30......so I can not move until tomorrow, and they are still going to charge me for living there today. Not happy about this whole thing.

On another topic, I started the antler scarf from Son of Stitch and Bitch, and have two pattern repeats done, just as far as Crafty Andy is in this post. Oh and a new (old) pic for me too, from when I was in Australia.


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Hope you are feeling better and your move goes well. Good luck tomorrow with the elections. We watch from Canada with anxiety and trepidation. Checked out some of you finished products on Ravelry, beautiful stuff.