OT: Waiting for Election Returns

I'm crazed and nervous as we begin to watch the election returns. My guess is I'm not alone.


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SWatching CNN here too. Right now it sounds good for Obama, but the night is young...

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I think I've eaten everything in sight so far - and it's early. Relax. Breathe. Relax. - I can't even knit - too tense.

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We are watching the results roll in here in the 51st state of America. OK its the UK but sometimes it feels as though every time "W" Bush sneezed, a load on snot landed on our doorsteps.
I was in Florida in 2000 and watched all the debated ballots being examined for pregnant Chads and dangling Chads. At the time we said if America elected Bush then they were in for a rough ride. Eight years on so much has happened. I would hate to see four more years of Bush which is what I feel would happen if the USA vote for McCain as the next President. After all it is the people behind the President who call all the shots when it comes to policy and going to war with another country.

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Well said.

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I love the snot metaphor

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yeah I'm a wreck, I'm just thinking that we have our choice right now of 4 more years of bush or a black president, and frankly American's aren't as ummm none racially motived as they like to say they are.

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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It's looking better and better for Obama. Here in California, I'm very nervous about Proposition 8 (if passed, it would overturn the current right to gay marriage). I'm a 10-day newlywed ;-) and really don't want that threatened.

And no, I didn't knit myself a veil. Maybe next time. Oops, strike that!

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well, it looks like all the anti-gay props have passed around the country. i am heart broken. i feel so maligned personally and threatened. i found myself looking at all the happy folks that voted for obama, which i wanted to be thrilled about, and wondered if they voted to reduce me to second class citizen.

we put birds on things

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A day of hope...

I know how you feel. Although Georgia didn't have an amendment on the topic, it's still disheartening to watch hate being codified into law elsewhere in the country. What I do take heart in is the reality of Obama's overwhelming election. It was not too long ago that no one would have thought a black man could be president. We are in a new "Civil Rights Era" that will take its own (long) time to play out. I have more hope now than I did four years ago that justice is inevitable, but there will be blocks and stumbling points along the way. We have only to look at the way the presidential campaign has played out to see that eventually discrimination becomes the exception despite legalized hate in the past. Remember that "separate but equal" was once a legal standard! Of course I feel betrayed, and "take the long view" feels like cold comfort indeed, but it's all the comfort I have now. Keep your heads up high brothers and sisters All the positioning and posturing in the world cannot stop us from prevailing in the end. We ARE equal and we CAN bring the country to believe it, back us and overturn these mistakes in time. Yes we can.


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"The only sin is mediocrity." --Martha Graham

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I'm so dissapointed in people this morning, Obama is president, happy about that, although it was a bit weird when I was looking at the sign in the neighbors yard the other day and it occured to me that not only is Obama close to Ossama, but that if you were to combine Bin Laden, you'd more then likely come up with Biden. Yeah I had drug days in my youth and I think I'm having flash backs of the weird thought moments.
But I really hoped that people would pull thier heads out of thier butts (a girl can dream)
It's like I told my son, What would all these jerks do if one day it was socially unacceptable to love a blonde? If they passed laws stating they couldn't marry, couldn't file taxes as a couple, were shunned and beaten and even murdered for it.
I see it no differently, it's stupid, it's childish and I'm really just plain disappointed in the american people.
MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Congratulations to the American people for their sense and courage in electing Obama as president. We are just as excited here in Australia, the 52nd state (almost).

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Lol. So, if the UK is the 51st state...(makes sense, reverse colonization and all) and Australia is the 52nd state....does this mean we have to claim all the other former british isles? I would be okay with that...good food, some fun traditions, maybe they will get a dental plan out of it....

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Christmas Island! I want Christmas Island to be and Independent State of the US~

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