Sock Knitting Bag

I'm so lazy and I can't stand to waste precious knitting time searching the internet - so - can anyone give me the links for thos practical sock knitting bags, please? I'm working on a pair of socks right now and I thought one of them would be handy. I know that several MWK members have them and could recommend them and an on-line vendor. Thanks!


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I bought one at Michaels for $10. It's by knitpickers.
Is this the type of bag you are looking for?

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I have a couple that I purchased from They are very well made and the perfect size for a pair of socks.



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You can make a Dorset bag out of any square piece of cloth (for a sock bag, a bandanna works perfectly!). They're quick and easy (although a bit confusing the first time you make one).

I've used them for small knitting projects and tatting projects -- and they make great little gift bags for small gifts and purses for small children.

Grace and Peace,

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Jesse You may try Ebay as well in your region AU NZ.

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I have one of these

That I got from my Secret Santa a couple of years ago. I love it. It ALWAYS has socks in it although some times it never gets taken anywhere but to my couch. It carries all my sock DPNS, a couple of tapestry needles, a small pair of scissors, a post-it pad, a pen, and a small tape measure in the pocket, and although it says its a "one skein" tote, I can fit a couple of different sock projects in it.

I've since given this bag as gifts to other people and they just love it too!