Nov 08 WIP knit, Men WHo Knit Retreat

These are my two Knitting WIP. I sometimes have a lot of work in progress, I do like to finish them once in a while and I may start another Hat or two(Tapestry Crochet), but I leave that for my plane trip later this month. I am glad the elections are over and our Great Nation has spoken to the world, America embraces change. Well now to the things we love the most knitting and the rest.

The WIP for the Knitting front is my Tauron Antler Scarf and the Cabled Bag I am working on, I am not far from deciding what to do with the design of the bag. I am thinking of creating a flap for it that has the same kind of cable design.

I am very excited about the weekend retreat and the gathering of the boys ahem!, Men Who Knit. I am looking forward to a great time and lots of fun, let's enjoy the few hours we will be spending together and make the best out of time. We will have pictures and stories to tell. Thanks for all your support!!!

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I love the antler scarf. I think I may make that one for myself....

Honest, brutal opinion about the bag? (Da me perdon...)
It probably feels AWESOME to hold/hug, but the yarn and the cables seems to fight for attention.
Maybe the flap can be in a complimentary solid color that better displays the cable design?
Just my two cents. I look forward to seeing the end result!

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The scarf is such a creative use of cables, I am very happy as the work progresses as I am learning how to make cables, and how they behave, . I am making the scarf without a cabling needle and it is a fun knit!

I completely agree with you, the cables are more for close inspection, practicing cables than for real looks. The cables can get lost in the mixture of yarns, but believe me this yarn is very hard to work with. A plain Stockinette pattern will be the perfect deal for this or even plain garter stitch as the yarn is very rich. The gold sari yarn is actually a lot softer and easier to work with and it feels so good on your skin lol!.

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it's beautiful Andy! Can't wait to see it all finished

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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I am so excited that you're going to bring that bag with you... I LOVE the way it looks in photos and have a lot of sari yarn (I have had it for years) - waiting to find something to make with it... and maybe a cabled bag is what I'll do as well... I like that the yarn is complicated and that the cables take a back seat to the changing colors - in the end, it's a beautiful texture...

can't wait to see you at the retreat!! I just got my boxes of yarn and goodies together... hoping that I'll have everything I need/want... :)