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I do not know any small children currently. I do not hang out with new borns, as I do not have one, nor do any of my friends that live near me. I am great with kids, but by the time I meet most of them they are 2-3 years old. I have not been around babies long enough to measure how big they are for making hats, socks etc, so I need some help. I have already been on Ravelry and gotten some patterns, but I am looking for advice on yarns, colors etc, as I am almost clueless on this area. My friend is about 15 weeks from giving birth, so I have some time....but I don't know if I can make something this small.


Making something small is not a problem, but make sure you knit things in a fibre that can withstand a lot of washing. Babies are wonderful, but they have a bad habit of puking over everything.

My experience has been they don't just puke. Wherever they have a hole in them, there's a probability that they will leak something out of that hole. Anything that leaks out of any of those holes will need to be laundered.

Just my 2-cents.


It's my experience too, but I was trying not to be too graphic!

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Wherever they aren't leaking they smear with food.

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If I were in your position, I would wander on in to the LYS and ask the nice ladies that work there. They'd be happy to help, sell you the right sized needles, sell you a pattern or two, sell you some "baby" yarn, etc. If this is your friend's first baby, a blanket is always nice. Any sized needles any sized yarn. Baby blankets are actually a favorite for me to make with Wool-Ease - it's wool so it's warm, but it's acrylic, so it's machine washable.

Good luck.


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You shouldn't have any trouble. Baby stuff is far easier than adult stuff to knit -- and it goes a LOT more quickly. The best part is that, as long as your gauge is consistent it doesn't really matter what it is - They will eventually grow into it :-)

I'd stick with yarns that can be washed (kids spit and pee and poop on everything). Wools are nice if they're very soft wools. I tend to stay away from pinks and baby blues -- there's already too many of them in the world and if you give a non-gendered color, the possibility exists that the gift can be used for a second or third child later.

My favorite baby gift is a "Baby Surprise Jacket" by Elizabeth Zimmerman -- it's a great pattern and can use practically any yarn. The only drawback to be aware of is that some parents are uptight about buttons.

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Having knit for cousins and co-workers who have had babies I will echo, make it something that can be laundered, a lot. Since babies grow, bigger isn't a bad thing, they will eventually grow to fit it. I tend to stay away from the new-born sizes, as most everyone gives expectant mothers new-born sizes. But in 2 or 3 months none of that fits anymore. So I usually go with the 2nd or 3rd size given on a pattern.

Personal favorites... 5 hour baby sweater, Umbilical Cord Hat and the Big Bad Baby Blanket.

If you decide to do any hats (very useful in the first year or so), there are medical growth charts on the internet giving head circumference in centimeters at any given age. I suggest aiming for the 50th percentile (unless you have reason to suspect that the baby will be very tiny or large), choosing an age in weeks or months, and knitting to that size. This approach doesn't tell you how long to make the crown, so if you don't have access to the baby to measure, err on making the crown long. If you work the hat from the top down, you can always rip out the extra. I usually just make a brim.

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There are several of these charts out there, but here's one:

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The first thing I made for Thumper was a sweater with matching booties. I used sock yarn: it's wool but its also washable. I used a bright self-striping, so there were lots of colors. The booties were probably the best things I made. Newborns grow really fast. A sweater might fit for about a month or even 2-3, but he was able to wear the booties until summer. They were the only things that stayed on his feet. And they are also really fast to knit.