Socks- converting a pattern

I recently-ish learned to knit socks with the after-thought heel. I really want to learn to do a heel/gusset etc. Can I convert this heel-waiting-to-be-completed? And if do you do it?

I am knitting a pair for my sister using chunky yarn and there are 12 sts on two needles...if that helps. Any explicit advice would be appreciated as I can be dense!

I want to do the whole top down someday but was wondering if I could get some practice with what I have going.

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I'm not positive, but converting an afterthought heel pattern to one with a gusset probably woulld be more trouble then finding a new pattern that you like with a gusset heel.


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Here's a helpful site with an easy after-thought heel...
You just need to convert the pattern to the number of stitches you have...
so instead of three needles with 8-8-16, you pattern would just start at 6-6-12, and then follow from there...

Thanks guys!