Wow, what amazing news!

According to an email I got at the MWKExchange address, We've won 500,000 GB pounds! So, I have to send some funds to cover a few fees but what's a few hundred dollars directly withdrawn from my personal checking account along with my social securtiy number for verification? How do you guys want to spend the money? That would be a LOT of yarn!

Now that I have your attention, this is a friendly reminder that the MWK second scarf exchange registration deadline is tomorrow! I'll be sending out matchups next week. If you haven't sent it your questionaire and are wanting to participate, now is the time! See my original Blog entry or the attached file for details.


(BTW--In case you were worried, the first pargraph of this email is a joke. I'm not that gullible. I'd never send my social security number along with the bank account information. I'll do it in two separate emails!)

Microsoft Office document icon scarf exchage setup.doc30.5 KB