finished my christmas stockings

Ok, it's the week after halloween, and its time to get the christmas tree out and the decorations up. I have finished 6 stockings, they all look good I think. I still need to do like 4 more, but I'll do them after christmas. I'm not too happy with the one done with vertical stripes. It kinda doesn't go with the others. I think I may have to do another horizontal stripe so that I have them all relatively the same. Oh well. Merry Christmas


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Very cute stockings. I thought I was doing great since I only have one Christmas stocking to knit this year and I'm more than half done already. But you really have me beat. Great work.

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Beautiful Stockings, I especially like the first one on the left.



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gracias. I did it in fair isle, with one yarn in each hand to get the vertical rows.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Love the Holiday Spirit, my favorite is the first sock as well, it looks like one of those mystery knits. Great Job!

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Very nice! although I think I am giving up christmas along with men, lox, etc etc etc.

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