Errors in Knitting with Balls by del Vecchio

I have been working on some of the projects from the book Knitting with Balls by Michael del Vecchio and a couple times I have run into errors in the patterns. This is frustrating for a new and self-taught knitter, because I spend hours or days trying to figure out what I am doing wrong before I learn that there was an error. Has anyone run into this issue?

If any of you have, could you let me know which patterns are problematic and what the corrections might be? So far I have learned that the Medallion Mitts and the Hiking Boot Socks have an error (probably a printing error) in the pattern. I would appreciate a heads up on the other patterns...especially with corrections, so I can save myself the frustration and my self-esteem!



I have the book so I am curious now too!

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Many knitting pattern books have the odd error here and there. Publishers will often put a list of corrections on their website. Unfortunately, I can't see one on the entry for Knitting with Balls on the website.

If you find an error in a pattern, it's worth contacting the publisher to point it out. That way there's a fighting chance that the mistake can be corrected on an errata sheet, and any later re-print.

Although I own this book, I haven't knitted anything from it, so I'm afraid that I can't enlighten you on any errors from my own experience.

Best of luck with future projects.

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Why don't you try e-mailing Michael directly? He has an e-mail link on his (infrequently updated) blog:

He's also TrickyTricot on Ravelry. Possibly on here, too, but I don't recall and haven't seen him for a while.

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Thanks! I will try contacting him directly. I didn't think of that.
I will post any info I get on my blog:

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me too...