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Dudes: What up? So, I have been looking at different books on Fair Isle and mittens and I'm confused about the correct yarn to use, Fingering or Sport. My take on all of this information is that I should use fingering if the pattern is intense and sport if it is not. Is this true? I have been using worsted for a pair that I'm doing now and the pattern isn't clear in spots. However, I'm not sure if that isn't a result of my knitting too tight in those spots. Any suggestions?




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The finer your yarn the more detail you should be able to put in.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog If you want a very heavy sweater you can go ahead and use worsted weight, but in my opinion is too thick. Sport weight and Dk is the best for a sweater. Hats and Mittens you can get away with certain worsted weight like Lamb's Pride. This particular yarn has different widths, the yarn being thick and thin in different areas and thus is fun to do Fair Isle.

My personal experience is that I have to make an extra effort to make sure that I am not knitting too tight, I DO THIS BY Stretching the knitting I am doing every 3 to 5 stitches. Knitting tight is easy when you have two strands going, I have done it before, that is why you need to make a swatch for your gauge (recommended nicely I mean). You should have plenty of detail if you make your knitting relaxed.