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When knitting a pattern that has you change to a new pattern or start binding off at a certain measurement (i.e., when the piece measures 18 1/2" from cast-on edge), how far do you measure to get the correct measurement? To you stop at the needle or do you measure up to the other side of the needle (the tops of the stitches not yet worked)? I know that the difference is small enough that in most cases it won't really matter, but what is the correct place to measure? It would seem that the top of the needle would be wrong since the stitches would "fall" or relax to a point after the next row gets worked, but the bottom of the needle also seems wrong to me since you're ignoring the yarn that you just worked.


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I say the top of the needle



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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog If it asks me to bind of after six inches, is like bind off after 20 rows, row number twenty (20) will be on your needle when you start to bind off with row 21. I will measure from the bottom to just below the needles.

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i go to go under the needle. as you bind off, that row gets basically absorbed to what will be below needle mark

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I measure to under (the bottom) of the needle. The way I see it, the stitches on the needle are going to be part of the next row made, and are not yet part of the garment. All I know is when I do it that way, everything sizes OK. For example: If the instructions say "start binding off when the piece measures 18 1/2" from cast-on edge, and you measure to the bottom of the needle, you will find that the piece measures 18 1/2" + bind off row. But, to be knit picky, if you were making something that was supposed to be 18 1/2 inches exactly with no ease, you'd want knit to bottom of the needle and be just shy of that measurement by the width of your bind off row, and you'd have to gauge it, if you wanted no tolerance for error, or use the top of the needle being close again but not perfect and of course taking into consideration, gravity hang stretch, etc.. but, I quit that kind of obcessive compulsive behavior years ago.


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I've always measured to below the needle.

Me too.

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I always measure to the needle itself, so basically, in between!

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I measure to below the needles.