would this work?

So I am making my son a hat, and now my 3 year old daughter has asked for one (of course) But she has a TON of hair and wears huge pony tails etc, and a hat would pretty much be useless for her. So we found this pattern (link below) for a headband instead. She often wears headbands to keep the mound of hair out of her face, so this would be very useful.

The pattern seems to make this straight across (like a scarf) and then when done sews the ends together. Is there any reason to not just do this in the round on a circular needle instead?
I'm not the best sewer (actually never did it before)

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It should work out fine, just remember that if your going to make the garter stitch ones, knitting every row will produce stockinette stitch. For garter stitch in the round you need to: Row 1 K, Row 2 P, repeat these two rows.

Here is a pattern for a pony tail cap:



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You might do the headband in a 2 x 2 rib to have a little extra stretch to help stay on her head.

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Leave a hole in the top of the hat so her pony tail can fit through it. I have made them for my daughters and they love them.