Olivia's Alligator Scarf

I just finished weaving in the ends this evening. (I ordered a kit from Morehouse. It arrived with terrible yarn! I started a scarf using it, but may just lose that project...) Olivia is Bill's niece's daughter. She's 6 now and her favorite color is pink. We head out to Scottsbluff next week and will give it to her then. The yarn was in Bill's stash. He has boxes of wool yarn collected to mend oriental rugs. Now that the shop is closed, I have permission to take what I want, even though it stresses him.

AlligatorScarf 003 Olivia's alligator scarf


twistknit's picture

That scarf is awesome!! I love the yarn color choice. What didn't you like about the Morehouse?

RickeScott's picture

The Morehouse yarn is not soft. The feel is rough and rather stiff. It is dull in appearance. Plus the wool must not have been cleaned well before spinning because I found organic bits spun right into the yarn. Yuck!

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Really cute, I may have to make one for my granddaughter.



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The scarf is adorable!! and the colours work wonderfully together.

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I tried to show Alp your crocodiles... the new ones that you have been making... are you going to put them up?

Yes dags in the wool isn't pleasant either... I tried spinning my own wool 10 years ago when I lived in Oz... it was wool straight off the sheeps back... grass seeds can be a nuisance... you can imagine the smell of daggy wool ... it was enough to put me off ... well not gone back to it and ... don't know if I'll do it here in Turkey ... not sure where to get natural wool or a spinning wheels.

Istanbul, Turkey