Colour Changes - Stranded Knitting

A query for those stranded knitters amounst us:

I'm wondering just how many different balls of wool (colours) one can carry up the side of a jumper without problems. The last few jumpers I knitted had up to 18 different colours, although a couple of colours were used only infrequently. I find that the constant colour changes really slow down the knitting! Sometimes, I'll carry one or two extra colours in addition to the two I'm using at the time if the pattern calls for their use after a few rows. I'd like to be able to carry more colours to eliminate the time it takes to weave in and out every time I have to change. Also, if one carries extra, how does one keep them from tangling on themselves?

Any comments and suggests would be appreciated.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I knit stranded work in the round.


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I tend to carry only the two I'm working with unless there is another colour change in the next couple of rows. When I do carrry more than the working colours, I put the non-working colours inside the garment but there are no guarantees of non-tangling.

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Like Kerry, I usually will carry only the two working colors across the row, but if I know I'm going to use a color within 3 or 4 rows up, I'll just run it up the seam and start to pick it up when I need it...but I'll only do that with one or two colors at any one time.

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I work along the same lines, I only bring along the yarns that I am using on that row as I work. The colors that I am not using get carried up at the beginning of the row. Twisting it in does give it a bit more thickness, but I have found one or two additional colors doesn't make it very noticable, and twisting it in means no tangling. I would probably draw the line at more than two yarns carried up to higher rows.