So I wasn't paying attention when I bound off my first of two legwarmers. Not thinking, I bound off like I typically do to prevent floppiness: I bound off tightly on a smaller sized needle. Although this is usually ideal, it's definitely not when you need a bit of with a legwarmer, for example. So as I was pulling it on (they're not for me, though) to make sure it looked all right, I quickly discovered that the top cuff will barely give enough to fit over the curve of a foot. It works fine up to the knee, but forget about getting it over that knee...

So my question is, is this something that can/will be corrected when I block it, or is it just destined to be a legwarmer-below-the-knee. Oof...a lace legwarmer that will be bunched up and hide it's own lace pattern? Sadness.


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Cry Me a River

Sorry to confirm your fears . . . but, I don't think that blocking is going to make any difference at all. I haven't made leg warmers but have been the sad owner of a pair of socks that I cast on on smaller needles. Don't ask! - it seemed like a good idea at the time. No amount of soaking, stretching, pulling and swearing made them budge anything like enough. However, given that you have this problem on the cast off end, can you rip them out a bit and simply redo the cast off along with whatever mess you create in the ripping? Might be worth trying. I think there is a law against lace not being show.

btw how did the visit with your parents go? Was thinking of you guys the weekend of the arrival.

Cheers - Phil

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Yes, the no-show lace law was passed by executive order during the Garfield administration. I also think ripping and redoing is your best bet.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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Been here, I also found the only way to fix it was to redo the bind off.