My First Jumper

I have been looking for something a little more challenging to try other than scarves and thought a kids jumper would be ideal.  My nephews are at the age where unless it has a designer name plastered across the front of everything they won't wear it, so I was looking for a more welcoming recipient.  I came across a website for charity called Feed the Children.  They explained that they are looking for donations of hand knitted jumpers, blankets etc that they can send to orphaned and abandoned children in the third world and developing countries.  The stories of the terrible lives and experiences these children have gone through just broke my heart and I was desperate to help.  So I have been knitting like crazy to try and get my first jumper on and off the needles and to them as soon as possible.  I have gone for shocking pink stripes to try and cheer them up - you won't be able to mss them in a crowd!!  I am on the second sleeve now after flying through the front and back (admittedly it is a really simple pattern, which is a good thing considering my skill level!!).  I'm really pleased with the way it looks so far and hope that the children will be forgiving of the couple of mistakes I have made along the way!!!  I will post pictures and an update soon.


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This sounds like a very worthy project and I'm sure the children will appreciate all the work and compassion you put into each jersey.  I look forward to the photos.


I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.

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The link below takes you to the site but if anyone would like me to email the pattern to save time waiting for them to email you I would be pleased to do so.  It is a UK charity as far as I can tell but I am sure they would welcome donations from worldwide.  Thanks for showing an interest Lars.