Dudes: What up? So, I purchased a book on Tams because I really like the patterning; however, I don't want to wear a tam. How could I mess with the pattern to make the tam into a nice hat?


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I suspect you will find most of the tam patterns have you increasing (if top down) or decreasing) if bottom up) at 4 per row, or 8 per every other row.

If you change that ratio to 10 per every other row, or 6 every other row, you should get a much more "beanie" shaped hat.

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You are the Man's Knitting Hero. You're always saving me. Thanks!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Which colors are you making the Tam Buck? WHat kind of material? Is it a Fair Isle style or Cabled?

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What is a tam?

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It's a hat. A really big beret. Not to my taste.... at all.... not a bit..... they're ugly.... bad ugly.... {shudder}

Dang Stuart. I thought you were going to organize a tam exchange.