Briefs, Jockstraps, and other guy type underthings

One reason I joined men who knit is I thought it would be a good place to trade patterns for men type garments.

Especially cool, funny, knit, undergarments.

I've seen a sample of a knit jockstrap. But I haven't been able to find a good pattern.

Have you ever knit underwear?


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Oh, how I have wanted to do this. I just can not think of anything that I would use to make them. Ravelry has several patterns for guys, and I hope to make a few in the future. I am sure someone one here has made undies before.

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I remember QueerJoe posting his knit boxer briefs a while back. You could check the archives or his blog.

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Here's a Thong pattern I found.


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I am so confused, I do not understand short rows...I don't mind the ads that come up because of this discussion though. Calvin Klein was never my style, but Undergear...doesnt look bad.

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There's also the willie warmer, for which you can find a pattern here.

Photos of the finished object are on this page.

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