Has anyone heard of a scarf pattern that when finished is rather small but then you drop some stitches and it grows to great lengths? My sister-in-law asked me about it and I have seen it somewhere. That is the problem with the internet. I have seen so much!! If you know what I am talking about and know where I can find the pattern, I would appreciate it.


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Ron, would it be Clapotis from

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Tere is such a thing as the drop stitch scarf, lion brand has one, but there are plenty around!

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I do know what you are talking about. I remember reading in a book about a knitter who gave a scarf that you drop the stitches at the end and it grows in length. The recipient did not see the note to do that and wore it at the un-dropped length until complaining about how short it was. OF course I don't remember a name of the pattern or where I read it. Though I'm thinking either one of the Knit-Lit books or the Yarn Harlot. But definitely a book, not online.

FYI... a Ravelry search for drop stitch scarf brings up 79 patterns. That narrows it down... not much.

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If you knitted the scarf in the traditional manner, from one end to the other, when you dropped a stitch or more, it would expand in width, but not in length.

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I thought of the clapotis immediately also.

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On of the online groups did a knit along a couple years back - it was called the "miracle scarf" - but I don't remember which group.

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I found it after Mario's hint at this site.

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Dropped stich scarf.....

I got this pattern at my LYS. It is called the Dropped stich scarf. The "magical part of the pattern happens at the end when you bind off. If you want het pattern I can try and email it to you if you like.
Kilted Knitter