Gauge Gone Wild

or... "Math is HARD!"

I don't know what I did wrong here but the results are certainly entertaining to look at! If Clowns weren't so disturbing...

I was doing a super warm pair of bulky wool socks for winter and, though it didn't look right, since it was my first pair of socks, I decided to sick it out. Clearly I fudged on the calculations! I did TWO gauge swatches so I am clear that part of it was correct. And since the width is perfect... I must have really goofed the subtraction for the length.

I am trying to decide if I am going to tink back to the appropriate length or if I am going to take up the offer of my LYS Guru and finish the sock... then let her rip out the toe and unweave the knitting... then re-do the toe. Since it is my first pair of socks I would not feel back ripping it back the doing the gusset and heel stitches again. It will be good practice.


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You just need to pick up one of those toe stretchers at Walmart.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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The socks would look great on a medieval jester. I'd rip back (I know it hurts!!) to make the foot the correct size, if nothing else it is good practice.

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well I hope you went for ripping it back, I think they look great, OR make a match to it and find someone with HUGE feet!

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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I wear a 12.5 size shoe... (hint hint)

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I am size 13 and they are still a good 3-1/2 inches too long!!! Imagine the "Willie Warmer" though!!!!

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What I would recommend...I'm assuming that you're doing toe up, is figure out where the toe decreases SHOULD start, snip the yarn at that row, and load the stitches from the foot part onto your needles, and reknit the toe doing the top-down method: That way you've wasted far less time than frogging the whole thing and you'll have a sock that fits perfectly. You can do the same for both socks et VOILA! FINIT!

They're LOVELY socks, BTW. More power to you...knitting fine socks makes me crazy, although I love the finished product.

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Oh, I just noticed that these were a worsted weight sock, please disregard my comment about fine socks driving me nuts to knit, but please note that I do have a large foot, and if you need to find a home for these lovely footies....jus' saying....

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how large? inquiring people want to know.

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