I think I screwed up my Scarf Exchange already... My spoilee replied to my initial email, then I replied back, but forgot to switch to my anonymous email address before sending!! *headdesk*


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I thought it was secret optional. I'm terrible at those anyways. The last secret swap I was in took more time to keep my identity secret than to make the swap kit, and I learned how to dye sock yarn for that.

My guy already knows who I am... remember I thought it was secret optional. The surprise will be what I make him, and I'm not telling yet :-)

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That's true... you make a good point. :)

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Lol, I made myself a new secret gmail account. As long as I never do anything between it and my normal gmail, I think I will be fine.

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Oh that's the funny part... I made a new, secret gmail account just for this exchange. But then I was afraid I'd forget to check it and miss an email, so I had it automatically forwarded to my primary email. When I got the email from my spoilee at my primary email, I simply hit "reply" and replied. I completely forgot I needed to go to the gmail account and send from there. :)

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I know it's too late this time; but for next time.... Gmail allows you to set up several accounts in your main account and you can set it to "reply" from the account something was sent to.... i.e. I have 4ish accounts that all come into my g-mail account and its set so that when I hit "reply" it sends it as if I were using whichever account the e-mail was originally sent to...

Does that make sense?

Grace and Peace,

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I agree with the fact, the fun part is getting to know your partner and surprising him with the scarf that he does know you are making, but does not know what you are making. I have my anonymous emails, but sometimes I forget lol!

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Hey Guys,

Keeping your identity a secret is indeed optional (it can be a pain in the ass). No worries about it if you "reveal" too soon.

That reminds me, I have yet to email MY buddy!