My buddy's scarf and why I hate football

First, I don't actually hate football. While I am terrible at playing it, I enjoy watching it from time to time, and the great joy that is tailgating. The problem is that my new apartment is right behind the stadium. I woke up yesterday morning with 20,000+ people in my front yard. If I was going to the game that would have been great. Wake up, walk across the street and into the stadium....but I did not have a ticket. It was Dad's Weekend and the student tickets were gone in less than an hour. So instead I decided to get as far away from that insanity as I could so I was going to the pet store to get some more fish, and then see a buddy of mine. I got on the wrong bus to do so, and ended up downtown at the transfer station, and instead decided to go to the book store, and the LYS, and then a different pet store (the Animal House...yeah like the movie title.) I got a bunch of books, and headed to the LYS, and spent the next hour trying to find yarn for the scarf exchange. My buddy has very specific color tastes, and all the really cool hand-dyed stuff, and all the cool color shift yarns had colors that he did not want. I finally found some great yarn, and decided upon a pattern, and started right away, and went to the transfer station to go home.....Little did I know that they buses in Corvallis are a little strange. They randomly change routes when they get to the transfer station, so the drivers don't get bored. So, I got on the #5 bus....that then left the station as a 30 minutes later after I had looped through south-town, I made it back close to where I had started and got off, just to be off the bus. I now realize that my LYS (Fiber Nooks and Crannies) is less than a block from Animal I had walked 7 blocks and taken a 30 minute bus ride...when I could have just walked one block in the other direction. Way to much money later I could barely walk for all the stuff I had to carry, and I walked the (now) 8 blocks to the transfer station almost dropping my new angelfish several times. Because of the game the buses were over an hour behind schedule, and it took me nearly two hours to get home when it is about a 10 min drive. I would have walked, but with all my packages it wasn't going to happen. As it is cold here, my fish were not happy with the wait, but they seem to be okay now. I kept them warm, just like I keep everyone else I know warm....with body heat. I get home finally over six hours after I left for what should have been a two hour journey, and had to walk through all the drunks, and the vomit they leave behind. But on the up swing I got four inches of my scarf done (hard to knit in the dark bus) and then I called some friends and got really drunk, and cuddled with several people at once. It was a good night.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog And you even had time to tell the story. You are very funny. Glad your Angel fish made it safely!

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What a tale !! Glad you were able to cuddle with someone and that the fish survived.