Scarf Exchange & Gauge

Frustration ahead - pardon the vent.

Okay, so most of my knitting has always been pretty much on the recommended gauge for a pattern. However, I blew it this time. A month ago, I found some really, really, really nice handspun yarn for the Scarf Exchange and purchased with this project in mind. Once I received my scarf buddy, I searched and thought I found the perfect pattern. I sit down tonight, knit a swatch with the recommended needles, and *argh*! The recommended gauge is 20 sts/4 inches, size 7 needles in stockinette. What did I get? 29 sts/4 inches. So, I knit a new swatch with size 8's and then size 9's. I met the gauge with the 9's, but instead of a nice, clean consistent fabric, the swatch with the 9's looks more like lace - which ain't gonna work for this pattern with cables. So, now I either have to use a different pattern to match the gauge for the yarn I really like, or find a different yarn with the proper gauge to match the pattern I really like. I'll probably end up heading to the LYS this weekend to find a replacement yarn. Oh well, Lesson Reinforced - swatches are a good thing.


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Well, I probably won't be the only one to say this, but since it's a scarf, the idea of "fit" doesn't really apply. Not getting gauge isn't a big deal. I suggest going ahead as you had planned using whatever needle size gives you a fabric you like. If the scarf won't be wide enough to suit you, then you should be able to add a pattern repeat or two to widen it.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I agree as well, You have to like the pattern and doing a reapeat is not a bad Idea!

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Thanks for the comments. And while I know "fit" isn't critical for a scarf, I do want it to be as close to perfect as possible (I've been working on "perfection" issues for 20+ years_lol). The yarn I've picked makes a nice fabric with the recommended needle size, but the cable and ladder pattern just look bad using that yarn. And since this is a gift, I really would like it to be special. Adding the pattern repeats is a good idea! I'll try a swatch doing that and see how it looks.