Men's Knits (book) by Erika Knight

Unless I'm missed it - and Google isn't working properly - not much has been posted on the site about Erika Knight's new book Men's Knits, A New Direction. I picked a copy up last night at my LYS last night and think it's great.

I'm totally in love with a bulky zip-up cardigan with a shawl-collar which is the ultimate in warm, casual clothing, with enough stitch variation to be interesting to knit and easy on the eye. Suggested yarns are all natural and towards the quality end of the spectrum, and newer fibres, including bamboo, get a look-in. Bulky yarns are well represented, but lighter-weight yarns aren't forgotten. Something for everyone in fact.

It's also a good looking book, with nice contemporary photographs and (mostly) handsome models in the garments. Erika's writing is as enthusiastic as it is colourful. A couple of the designs aren't to my taste, including the External Seam Sweatshirt, but they may appeal to you.

Whether this book is "a new direction" for men's knitting, is debatable, but it does contain 20 contemporary designs (mostly sweaters and cardigans), and modern interpretations of classic shapes. My biggest disappointment is that all the sweaters are knitted flat and seamed. Circular needles are so popular at the moment that I'm surprised that the book doesn't use them, apart from a scarf knitted width-ways on a long circular. Some of us - myself included - really don't like seaming a garment when we could get away with knitting it in once piece.

I'm tempted to say that no self-respecting male-knitter should be without a copy of Men's Knits on their bookshelves or bedside tables. Buy it at or depending on you location (other merchants are available etc).


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Hello! I too have just bought this book and agree; it rules. There's pretty much something to suit all tastes and every item is very 'wearable'. Top marks. A must buy.

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I checked at my LYS and apparently this book is not yet available in the US. I will try to get it asap though. Thanks.

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It's available and shipping from Amazon.

Men's Knits

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I didn't find this book until now!


I love Erika Knight!!!

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I bought this book when it first hit the shelves. Can you say sucka for the cute red head on the cover. I love almost everything in this book. some of the pockets on some of the sweaters are a bit odd looking and place in not so flattering positions, but damn that black cardigan... and I love the long green cable scarf. I will probably play with most of the patterns in this book.