Male knitting in a main stream movie

Sorry if this was discussed before. Last night on TV was the movie "Never Been Kissed" with Drew Barrymore. During one of the scenes her boss (a guy) is knitting. I was shocked. I have seen this movie about a dozen times and never even noticed it before. It wasn't mentioned, it wasn't commented about, nothing. He was just knitting as if it was normal.
I wonder what made them do it? Could it be that one of the script writers is a male knitter?

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"Never Been Kissed" is actually included on this list: Nice catch!!


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He was just knitting as if it was normal.

well, it is.


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I noticed that the detective on Pushing Daisies sometimes knits when he is in his office. What other shows and movies have you seen men knitting? oh...nevermind, I see that link lists several examples.