Who has not been Contacted by ur Exchange Partner?

I have contacted my Partner, but I have not been contacted by the person knitting for me, so I was wondering if anyone else is in the same place. We still have until the 21 st of November, I was just waondering who is still anxiously waiting?


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As of this morning, I was. I can't check my account from work, so I may have been contacted in the last few hours.

I've contacted and been contacted.


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As of today, I have not heard from the person knitting for me either. I feel like an addict, checking my email daily.

**edit** Just heard from mine. Woo-hoo!

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I'd better contact mine....

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Been Contacted and.....

Have been contacted by the person who got my name and email him back and I have email my spoilee and have not heard back form him as of yet.
Kilted Knitter

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I have yet to hear from my buddy either. I am sad....

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Still no buddy...I think I need to email what's his name....

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Woot! I finally got an email.

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Maybe today I'll hear from my Scarf Buddy?
~ Berto

Fri. Evening... nope, still no joy...