Day 1 - I just found

Ok, so last night I spent about 4 hours on going thru the knitters in my area adding all the guys. Reason... I am hoping to start, get started or join some sort of men's group. I love the ladies at knit night and all, but there seems to be a lot of personal drama and competition between the lovely knitting gals. Most days it doesn't really bother me, but if I have had a particularly bad day at work or if my personal life isn't going so well, I can get annoyed very easily. I am wondering if it would be the same with a troop of guy knitters.

Today I am sitting here at work and I am running a press, a sheeter and the company, during a brief minute alone I happened upon The exploration has begun. I truly believe this is the universe acknowledging that I am on the right path. YAY!


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Welcome! Little drama here, just lot's o' knitting. As for the Universe, it's been known to occasionally laugh up its (knitted) sleeve at us, but we don't mind.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Men definitely have a different outlook in life, and different needs, but some of us are dramatic and some of us aren't. Mostly men like to hang out and from the Retreat we Just had I can tell you that we had a lot to talk about and we laughed a lot. I belong to a Monday night Knitting group that is inclusive of all folks, no matter what your sexual orientation is or your gender status. It is very inclusive and I like everyone in the group, we do laugh a lot as we are a lot of fun.

I can tell you from my perspective that I enjoy being in the company of men more, as Homer Simpson said "Who Wouldn't?", but I am not uncomfortable among females. We do have very lovely female knitters and crafters that are in our midst on the site and are a great addition to our group. I have never heard anything negative or otherwise uncouth from our group of Ladies.

Anyway Welcome to our group , a lot of us are at Ravelry !

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Welcome to MWK. Hope you enjoy as I have enjoyed the guys on this site. I find it very comforting to come and see what other guys have posted on their blogs, I have laughed and I have cried, but mostly enjoyed the company of male knitters. I am a hairdresser and own my own salon. I am around women all day long, now it was my choice to become a hairdresser, but there are days when I just need the company of men and this is the site that I come to. I also go to the Friday Night Knitting class at the LYS in my area, and feel very at home there as I am at this time the only male knitter at the shop. But I would love to get a male group of knitters together, or attend one of the retreats that have happend and I hope that will continue to happen.
So again Welcome and Enjoy!!!
Barry-the Kilted Knitter

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Welcome to MWK. Looking forward to hearing/seeing more from you. There are a really great bunch of guys here and a few gals also.



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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Also beware of the Knitting Police, there is a guy here that likes to contact people privately to tell you what you need to do ,or he always finds something wrong with your work, he hardly ever has ANYTHING Positive to wrote you about, he only criticizes, Feel free to tell him to mind his own business. He has never shown any of his work here or on his blog. You can always tell him toknit himself a muzzle lol!

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......somehow...we ALL know who you mean...

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Welcome to the group. I've just joined too and been made very welcome. I'm sure you will enjoy chewing the brease with all the guys here.