Ugh...OT but fun

So, I have about six inches done of my buddy scarf, I really need to work on it more, but I have been kind of sick. I feel fine, but I have crap in my lungs from all the cold weather. Not quite walking pneumonia, but I have to be careful or it will become that. I have not been having a good time, I had not been going to class because I was sick, and I missed almost three weeks of my Inorganic Chemistry class...which apparently it is not possible to recover from. So I have now failed the only class that I was actually passing. Now I will get a job and try to forget about this term. I only have to take one class next I am thinking full time job, plus one easy class, should be easy. My parents are apparently okay with this, so that is good. I hope that I will be able to work in one class that I want to take. The choirs at OSU are starting to prepare for Carmina Burana at the end of spring term, and I would love to be a part of it. I sang the Brahms German Requiem a few years ago, but have been unable to be in the choir since then.