The View from My Window next Week will be

I will be on Holiday Woohoo! Looking for Yarn in other Lands with my Altered Ego Uncle Stitches, yes a lot of us have altered egos. Uncle Stitches is related to Dolores, Franklin's altered Egotress, well they are both Sheep mind you lol! We shall be back around December 2 or so. I am just wanting to say Happy Thanksgiving and hopefully by then I either have a new Partner for the exchange or My exchange Partner has gotten in contact with me. So if I don't answer is because I am walking by the view from my window, can you tell where I will be from the picture? Which Monument is this?

Anyway since I have a very busy weekend I don't know if I will be able to log in or not. In any event Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!


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Don't recognize the monument, but it looks like a beautiful location. Have a great vacation.



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The monument seems very familiar, but I just can not place it. Depending on when you get this email, I hope you have (or had) a great vacation.


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Don't recognize the monument, but looks like a great view from a window. Have a great vacation, hope you get lots of knitting done. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Kilted Knitter